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4 common causes of nighttime car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2023 | Personal Injury

Auto accidents can happen at any time of the day. Nearly half of all fatal car accidents are reportedly at night.

People who plan on driving at night may need to be aware of the following dangers:

1. Low visibility 

The biggest danger of driving at night is how dark it can get. Drivers have some natural night vision, but this often isn’t enough by itself for people to drive safely. When someone drives without using their lights, it can be harder for other drivers to see them. 

Some drivers may also struggle to see their surroundings when roads are not properly lit. When a driver doesn’t use their lights and is on an unlit road, there may be a higher chance of auto accidents.

While it’s important to use headlights at night, drivers should be cautious of when they use their high beams. Using high beams could cause glare and make it harder for a driver to see, which can cause auto accidents. 

2. Texting and driving

Texting and driving is one of the biggest causes of auto accidents at any time of day. People who use their phones while driving at night may increase their likelihood of getting into car accidents because a distraction can impair their responsiveness. 

The light from a phone screen can also make it harder for people to see in the dark. Bright lights can make a driver’s eyes sensitive, making dimly lit surroundings even darker.

3. Drunk driving

People may encounter more drunk drivers at night after bars close. A drunk driver often experiences impaired vision, poor judgment and slowed responsiveness because of the alcohol. Other drivers often can’t predict what drunk drivers will do on the road.

4. Speeding

Some drivers take liberties at night. They may speed because there is less traffic, for example. Speeding makes it harder for drivers to control their vehicles. A car may be slower to brake before an accident if a driver is speeding.

An auto accident can cause severe head and spine injuries. Victims may want to learn about their legal options if they are seeking compensation for their injuries and losses.