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Shoulder injuries after a car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

A car crash could result in a number of unexpected injuries. After a thorough examination by a physician, an accident victim may face a diagnosis revealing a shoulder injury. The severity of the injury and the recommended treatment will vary among accident victims, but most will likely face costs in the aftermath. Filing a civil claim in a Georgia courtroom could be a way to recover losses.

Car accidents and shoulder injuries

Sprains and strains may result from a vehicle collision. While these minor injuries could heal without complications, they could impede a person’s life. Even short-term disruptions may have troubling consequences. More serious injuries would involve fractures, torn rotator cuffs, dislocations, and other harm.

Problems related to a shoulder injury may linger far longer than a victim initially realizes. Impingement syndrome, a painful shoulder condition, may develop after suffering a rotator cuff injury. Others might deal with a decreased range of motion and other troubles.

Shoulder injury care and treatment

Victims will file a personal injury claim after a motor vehicle collision because they could suffer significant financial costs. Medical expenses could leave someone with high bills as insurance might not cover everything. There could be rehabilitation expenses and more. Downtime from work but further adds to the financial troubles. A lawsuit or insurance settlement could lead to recovery compensation.

If a driver’s negligence led to a collision, the victims could have a strong claim for compensation. Negligence could come in the form of reckless, tired or distracted driving. The funds recovered for the victims could address costs associated with career changes, disabilities or other issues post-accident.