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Profit and speed: Tips for home sellers in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Residential Real Estate

Home sellers want a fast sale and to make a profit. Even in a sellers’ market, not everyone gets all they want. Boosting the chances of a desirable outcome by making small changes increases the potential for a satisfactory selling experience. Here are some changes all home sellers should consider.

Spruce it up

Make repairs, freshen the paint, and give the home a deep cleaning. Remember to do the same on the exterior of the home. An immaculate house cannot impress anyone if they never come inside. Curb appeal plays a vital role in encouraging people to schedule a walk-through. Residential Real Estate needs to appear comfortable and welcoming. Good exterior lighting, attractive landscaping, and a maintained home meet those standards.

Hire qualified help

Choose an experienced agent with a successful track record. The agent should know the area and the local home-buying trends. Agents with experience can create effective selling strategies. Every home seller should ensure there are guidelines established when the negotiations begin. Using experienced professionals prevents issues or delays with the sale.

Become a minimalist

Clear the clutter, limit the furnishings, and empty storage spaces in the home. Less inventory makes every room look larger and brighter. Make the rooms look bigger by opening curtains to let in natural light and repainting the walls in neutral colors. Remove all personal items for a sterile appearance. It may seem boring to the seller, but the buyer will see a blank canvas they can adapt to their preferences.

Make it available

Buyers will rarely make an offer on a home they cannot see. Make the home available for tours at the buyer’s convenience. Agree to an open house. Have the home clean and ready when the agent photographs it. Agree to a video tour for the most effective online presence. Homes with more exposure reach more potential buyers.

Home selling can seem exhausting, but avoid frustration by realizing the potential value of putting in the effort. The few extra work hours could earn the home seller thousands of dollars. It can also allow them to follow their dreams weeks or months sooner than expected.