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The signs of nursing home abuse and making a report

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Nursing Home Neglect

Sometimes, the best option for a family member is a nursing home. While most Georgia nursing homes offer the best care possible, there are situations that occur that involve abuse. While visiting your family member, there are a few ways that you can see the warning signs and prepare to make a report.


During your visit, there are some signs that you could notice that can indicate nursing home neglect and abuse. They might be depressed and don’t want to talk to anyone. You could notice that they are confused about where they are or that they stay in bed instead of getting up and moving around or even sitting in a chair. There could be bruises, cuts or dirty clothing and linens that are unexplained by your family member or the staff.

Getting help

If you notice any signs of abuse, you can approach the nursing home administrator to voice your concerns. Try to take pictures of the signs that you see so that you have some kind of proof instead of just making an oral statement that might not be recorded or that might not be taken into consideration at all. You could also contact your local police department or organizations that cater to elderly individuals so that a proper investigation can begin. Details that include when you noticed the signs, how the person acted when you saw them, and any interactions seen with the staff can be documented and provided to the proper sources.

Nursing home abuse can occur in a number of ways ranging from financial to physical and sexual. As soon as the signs are seen, proper help can be obtained in order to protect the individual.