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Neglect in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Nursing Home Neglect

Making the decision for a family member to go to a nursing home in Georgia can be difficult and can involve several issues. One of those questions could be about how they will be treated by the staff. While most facilities provide the best care possible, neglect can be quite common in even the best environments. Here are a few signs that you can look for so that you make the best decision about the resident’s care.


A common sign of nursing home neglect is a lack of mobility. This could be because the person doesn’t want to move for fear of being hurt or scolded by one of the workers or because they are physically unable to move due to injuries or physical neglect that they have experienced. If a resident is neglected during the day instead of being allowed to participate in activities or being moved from the bed, it can lead to stiff joints and muscles that can make it hard to move.


Take note of your loved one’s hygiene in a nursing home as this can be a sign of neglect. Some residents need assistance taking a bath, brushing their hair, or getting dressed. If a resident has the same clothes on all the time, has an unpleasant odor, or appears dirty, then it could be due to the staff not providing the proper care that is needed. This could also lead to infections that occur if the skin isn’t kept clean and free of bacteria.

Although a nursing home is typically a safe and secure option for those who are unable to live alone, there are times when neglect occurs.